With all the avoidable drowning incidents in the news lately we would like to cover the topic of child safety. One of the biggest concerns in most of our customers decision process is first off investment, naturally, but secondly “what about my toddlers?” If you are going back and forth,“we really want a pool, but maybe when the kids are older” or “I really hate wrought iron” we get it, wrought iron is not the look for everyone however, there are so many different options to keep those little ones safe that are more pleasing to the eye!

Traditional Wrought Iron-     This is one of the best options for child safety but is not the most aesthetically pleasing. The custom steel fencing comes in a variety of colors and can be customized with curves and gates to match the pool shape and style. With the option of galvanization these fences have a 10 year warranty against rust! With a variety of styles and colors this is a great option to look into.

KatchaKid-       This is an anchored safety net that is custom designed to fit any pool or spa shape. It is similar to a large tennis racket, its tension can be adjusted from tight to very tight. It is a breeze to remove and replace by hand but offers the highest protection once applied. Children can sit on the net without even touching the water!

Self-Closing Doors-     The Ultra Glide self-closing device paired with the latch provides the ultimate child safety, the system can attached to any patio door leading to pools, lakes, etc. and has a lifetime warranty. The latch is mounted above 54” to ensure only adults and older children will be able to open the door, and the automatic closing feature provides great energy savings by not leaving the door open for air to escape.

Even with all these safety options keep in mind children should always be supervised around any water, if available swimming lessons can begin as young as 6 months old and make sure everyone has their CPR certification if you are thinking about building a swimming pool.