The newest trend in the swimming pool industry in the last 5 years has definitely been in Energy efficient pool pumps and LED lighting. We are proud to offer Pentair Pool Equipment on all of our projects. They are by far the leader in innovative swimming pool technologies.
About 7 years ago I put my first Variable speed pump on my pool for testing, and it is still in service. Now every new pool has one. Although it is now the law, there are many good reasons for it. We all save money having this technology in our back yard.
We are also an APS and SRP certified installer. So with your local utility company throwing in up to $200 for the cost of the pump, it is a win- win for every one.
LED lights are one of the cheapest upgrades on a new pool. Along with up to 60% utility savings, the light quality is far superior and offers light programs and colored light shows. I am sure in the near future, LED pool lights will replace all other pool lighting completely.
Also another plus, is LED lasts for along time.. Manufactures have quoted 20-30 year lifespan on some of their products. The LED lights may outlast, the pump, filter and interior. Check back with me in 2032 to see if that is true.

If you are looking to have a better performing pool, while saving resources. Please call us for a free estimate.
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