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Over the last weekend we received a lot more rain here in the valley than was forecast-ed. Saturday the news reports indicated up to a half inch of rain. Well we got that and then some, as it started to rain, I did a quick check to make sure everything in the yard was safe and the dogs were put away, but the Pool, shouldn’t be a problem. Then after two days it finally stopped.

Well by Sunday, my pool was up to the top, that’s about 4″ of rain. This is the fourth time this has happened since we moved to Vistancia. I took out my garden hose, hooked it up to the hose bib located next to my pool filter (this is part of my pools plumbing), opened the valve and started the pool pump. Two hours later my pool was down two inches. 1″ Below the deck, in which I call the safe area.

Our pools have this feature because of the cartridge filter, that does not require back washing, If you have a backwash valve as part of your plumbing you can run the pool pump in reverse and lower it, but that also might wash out too much sand. Please be careful. The worst case scenario is to get an actual submersible pump and put it in the pool and pump the pool into the sewer system. Although most all pools have main drains, they do not drain water from the pool.

Most people just think, I will let it go down by itself. This is usually a big mistake When water gets between the tile and deck, it can cause problems. This is not a good idea and should be avoided. In the summer time it is even worse, once the rain subsides, the sun comes out and get the deck hot. If you live in a clay based or expansive soil area (Moisture + Heat) can cause the deck to lift, severe damage to the pool decking and plumbing may be the result. Improper yard drainage and flooding is typically what causes most pool decks to fail.

Another common problem is the pools “Automatic water Leveler”. Most of these have a low cost replaceable float inside of them. They can get calcium build up inside of them and start to overfill the pool. The owners forget or don’t see the importance in getting it fixed. 6 Months later the deck is cracking and pealing or coming completely apart. Instead of a service call, the customers are looking at a couple thousand in repairs.

Please make sure you maintain the proper water level in you pool. The safe zone is anywhere from -1″ to -3″ from the deck. Perfect is in the middle of your waterline tile.

If you are not sure how to lower your water level, or you need service, please give us a call, we will be glad to help. 623-825-4422