Well 2012 has come and gone and we are still here. It was an amazing year for most of us. We all saw a lot of change.

Here in the Valley, we saw the first signs of a re-growth of our housing industry. Neighborhoods that we half built are now back in production. House prices have started to climb. Shortages of Skilled Craftsman and laborers we suddenly an issue again.

2013 is the first year since the great recession that we expected to grow again. A Year ago, we were not certain what was going to happen. Our business plan was simply, “Stay in Business”

Here in the last few months, we have had to add employees and make adjustments across the board.  I am actually excited for this new year and expect growth here  to fuel our new adventures.  Having  just celebrated our 10th anniversary, we cant wait to get out there and start building more pools. During the down turn we were able to make great changes in our construction processes and better fine tune our procedures.

Come celebrate the New Year with “US” and call for a free estimate, whether you need some repairs to your old pool done or want to build a new one, we are the Pool Contractor you have been looking for !!!!!