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Pool designs and software have come along way since I had first started in the swimming pool industry.

I had originally started in the pool construction trades in 1984, I knew as I grew older I would have to move into the office where it is a little cooler. In 1996 I went to work as a salesman for a large company in town. I was surrounded by a lot of talent. We all drew pictures  of our projects with pencils and markers. I know in my heart that computers were the key to success. I tried auto cad, and it was too much work and not really suitable for swimming pools. When we started Thunderbird Pools in 2002, I had become quite the artist. People loved my designs. I started learning Microsoft Visio, and started designing pools on my lap top. It was great, but only two dimensional. I started noticing other salesmen using a 3D program. This was amazing. I had heard about Pool Studio by Structure Studios in Las Vegas at a trade show, not wanting to be the old dog, I wanted to learn some new tricks to stay ahead of the game. I flew to Vegas (Good excuse) and took a 1 day class, and I was off and running. I learned everything I needed to know in 1 day

They are always making improvements and staying on top of the industry. The other day I designed a pool for a client in their house, hooked up to the internet via my i phone and uploaded a video of the new pool project on my you tube site. The customer was able to show the design to their spouse, who was out of town. With a clear visual interpretation of the design and a demonstration of my mad skills, the deal was done. we saved the customer Time and Money and got them the design they wanted.

Please let us know if you want to get you project started, IN 3D !!!

Click this link to see a 3D design Video