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Poll Maintenance

What’s the best part about having a pool?

Enjoying it!

Our guys will come out weekly to maintain your pool. We love what we do as Phoenix pool builders and we won’t be satisfied with a one-size-fits-all approach. We plan a weekly service maintenance schedule that will keep your pool looking great and operating at peak performance. Give us a call at 623-825-4422 and we’ll plan the best schedule for your pool. We’ve been Phoenix pool builders for years, so we understand the unique needs of swimming pools in our community.

We warranty our pools and we care about keeping your pool beautiful for many years to come. In order to keep that warranty, a pool needs a good maintenance routine. We’ve created a guidebook as a handy resource.
A good rule of thumb: Air temperature of 60◦ = 6 hours filtration, 80◦ = 8 hours, 100◦ = 10 hours.

When it gets hot in the summer (more than 100 degrees), you may need to extend filtration time up to 12 hours at night in order for the unit to keep up.

In cool weather, you may shorten the pool filtration to 6 hours per day and put the system on the lowest setting. If the chlorine level is high, turn the system off until the level drops (sometimes up to a month). The unit will automatically shut off when the temperature reaches 58 degrees. This is a safety precaution to avoid over sanitation and damage to the cell plating. Algae and bacteria cannot grow at this temperature, so only trace amounts of chlorine will need to be present. If you have a reading of 0, then add some liquid chlorine until temperature rises again.

  1. 1. The First Month
    • Get pool water balanced
    • Start keeping a written record of pool chemistry
    • Learn how to operate your pool and test water chemistry
    • Get a professional water analysis done
    • Verify water hardness: If the water hardness is less than 200 ppm, it may cause problems with the pool interior. If the water hardness is higher than 500 ppm, your pool may experience calcium scaling.
  2. 2. Every Week
    • Check pool chemistry and keep a record (twice a week in summer)
    • Brush pool and rake for large leaves and debris
    • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
    • Check cleaning system
  3. 3. Weather Conditions
    • Rain, wind, and dust will require immediate servicing to your pool. Please check all baskets and chemical levels. Brush and rake the entire pool.
  4. 4. Every Six Months (Call for our 6-month service)
    • Clean cartridge filter (directions are on the filter)
    • Check salt level (salt water pools only)
    • Check conditioner (cyanuric acid) and maintain at 40-90 ppm. (Salt pools need to be at 70-90 ppm during the summer.)
    • Test for phosphates
    • Get a professional water analysis
  5. 5. Salt Systems
    • (If Applicable) Salt will be added to your pool 30 days from start-up. Keep chlorine level at approximately 1.5-3.0. Please maintain salt level at 2,800-3,500 ppm. Refer to the Salt System owner’s manual for adding salt and adjusting the out put. The cell lifetime is approximately 3 years and will need to be replaced when the unit fails to produce sanitizer. The cell may need to be cleaned periodically (every month or every six months depending on water hardness and pH levels).

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